Lake Tobesofkee Fishing Report December 2011

GON Staff | November 23, 2011

Tobesofkee: Temp: Low 60s.

Good. Clayton Batts reports, “Fishing has been good and should remain consistent until the really cold weather hits. Look for bass in transition areas leading from the pockets to the main lake and around any rip-rap or rocks. The key to catching fish right now is covering a lot of water and keeping an eye on your Lowrance until you find the bait and fish. Fish the transition areas along seawalls and grass with a Stanford Lures Razor Shad in summer shad or citrus shad and a Spro Aruku Shad Jr. in chrome/blue. The rip-rap, rock and jig pattern should become the main pattern in December as temperatures begin to drop. Fish a Spro Little John in spring craw and a Stanford Lures medium Razor Shad in Tennessee shad on any main-lake rocky points or rip-rap seawalls. The other option during December is to throw a 3/8-oz. Spro black/blue jig with a Big Bite Baits sapphire-blue chunk. Fish the jig around anything that will hold some heat, such as docks, dead grass or rock.”

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