Lake Seminole Fishing Report – September 2019

GON Staff | August 28, 2019

Seminole: Level: 0.5 feet below full. Temp: Upper 80s to low 90s. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Guide Paul Tyre reports, “The bass fishing on Lake Seminole has been good this August. We have had some exceptional days fishing topwater lures like frogs, buzzbaits and walking baits, even with the hot water temperatures averaging around 90 degrees. As we move into September, the topwater action should continue, and the bass will start schooling up feeding on shad. Crankbaits and jerkbaits will be a good option for finding schools of bass. A couple of my favorites are a Strike King 5XD and a Strike King 6XD in any shad pattern. I like to fish these baits on 10- to 15-lb. fluorocarbon depending on the depth I am trying to reach. A jerkbait is one of my favorite baits to use in the early fall. One of my favorites is a Strike King KVD jerkbait in the 200 and 300 Series in any shad pattern. This suspending jerkbait has a great action and works great at any speed, which is important because I like to work the bait this time of year at a fairly fast pace.”

Various Species: Guide Aaron Crews reports, “The panfish are hitting on crickets and worms. The mayfly hatches will be ending soon. Some fish can still be taken with a fly rod. Next month the bass will begin to school on shad to fatten up for winter. If the bass are on top, a Splash-it or a Rico will do the trick. Also fish a Shad Rap in silver with a black back. On deeper fish, a Hopkins jigging spoon and a Little George fished vertically will work. As for casting spoons, Nichols has a great selection of spoons in different sizes. Swim baits should also start to produce.”

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