Lake Seminole Fishing Report – October 2023

GON Staff | September 27, 2023

Seminole: Level: 0.7 feet below 77.5. Temp: Mid 80s. Clarity: The Flint River is clear, Spring Creek is clear and the Chattahoochee River arm has a slight stain.

Bass: Guide Paul Tyre with Lake Seminole Fishing Adventure reports, “The bass have started to start feeding up for the fall. The October forecast looks promising. If coming to Lake Seminole in October, make sure to bring topwater, crankbaits and jerkbaits. All can be very productive, especially if the shad are running. Spinnerbaits are very productive when the bass start chasing shad in the fall. One of my favorite spinnerbaits is a 1/2-oz. War Eagle double willowleaf in chartreuse and white fished over the grass flats on the main lake.”

Linesides: Guide Paul Tyre reports, “The striper and hybrid fishing is very good in October! The correct rod paired with a 6.2:1 reel is critical. For the reel, I prefer the Lews LFS series. It has an awesome drag and can hold up to the demands of these hard-fighting fish. For the rod, I prefer a Temple Fork Outfitter’s Rod in the Professional Series. TFO’s 7-6 heavy-action rod with its fast tip and moderate action, paired with an Alabama rig, is my go-to for battling these tough fighting pelagics. On the business end of the A-rig, you can’t beat the Bass Assassin 4- or 5-inch Sea Shad rigged on a Bass Assassin jig head that features a needle-sharp Mustad wide-gap hook. The hollow belly frog is also a must in the fall on Lake Seminole.”

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Crappie: Guide Paul Tyre reports, “The crappie fishing on Lake Seminole is good all year long, but the fall through the winter months are exceptional. My favorite lures for catching crappie are the Wicked Shad and Baby Shad baits made by ATX Lures. They have an extensive line of panfish lures. These baits are offered in a variety of colors, but a couple of my favorite colors are alewife and chartreuse/white. I rig these on a 1/32- to 1/8-oz. jig head, depending on depth and wind conditions. I combine these with a size 10 open-face spinning reel and 4- to 6-lb. monofilament line. When fishing a light bait, the rod, reel and line are important to have the best results. I prefer a Temple Fork Outfitters 6- to 7-foot light-action rod from their Trout-Panfish line.”

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