Lake Seminole Fishing Report – March 2007

GON Staff | February 27, 2007

Seminole: Level: 0.3 feet above full pool. Temp.: 57 degrees. Clarity: Partially stained.

Fair, said Seminole guide Troy Arthur, who said they are starting to spot a few first-wave bass on the beds. “The majority of fish are still in the deep water in the creek channels. They’re still feeding on shad,” he said. “It’s going to be getting better. When the temperature gets to 58 to 63 degrees is when they’re really more active. They’ll be running across the shallows in the sand looking for places to bed.” In the creeks, Troy said the fish are already staging on points, and he said swimming Zoom Speed Worms or Tattletails in green pumpkin or junebug on a 3/16-oz. bullet weight is catching fish in three to eight feet of water. He’s also catching fish on Rat-L-Traps in chrome/blue, chrome/black or red. Troy said that spinnerbaits are not producing many fish. In the Spring Creek area, people are catching bass on drop-shot and Carolina-rigged worms in watermelon and pumpkin seed. “Next month they should be on sand bars, up on the sand in that warmer water,” he said late in February. Troy suggested concentrating on two to three feet of water with Texas- or Carolina-rigged lizards in redbug, green pumpkin, junebug or pumpkin seed depending on the water clarity. Troy said he’s also surprised at the topwater bite this time of year. “If the water temp stays in the 60s, I’ve found that Zoom Horney Toads work in the backwater,” he said. “You’d be surprised at the kind of topwater bite you can get. You can fish them all day. This time of year, they’re more active in the middle of the day.” Although the fish will hit topwater, Troy stays away from a buzzbait, opting for quieter baits this time of year.

Crappie: Good. Troy said the crappie fishermen are wearing them out in the Flint and Chattahoochee river channels. He said they’re catching them both trolling jigs and anchoring over the fish and jigging. In the backwater, Troy said he has been catching big crappie on Rat-L-Traps while fishing for bass.

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