Lake Seminole Fishing Report – June 2023

GON Staff | May 24, 2023

eminole: Level: 0.8 below 77.5. Temp: Upper 70s to low 80s. You’ll find water around the springs to be in lower 70s. Clarity: Slightly stained to clear.

Bass: Guide Paul Tyre reports, “The bass fishing on Lake Seminole has been excellent through the month of May. June is one of the best months on Lake Seminole to catch big bass on topwater lures. Planning a trip to Lake Seminole in June?  Be sure to have buzzbaits, walking baits and hollow-belly frogs in your tackle box. A buzzbait is an excellent choice for finding productive areas on the lake. One of my favorites is a 3/8-oz. Strike King Pro Model in chartreuse and white. It has a very sharp hook and a sound that gets the attention of the big bass. For line, I prefer 30-lb. Cortland Master Braid. It has great cast ability and is strong enough to get the big bass out of the grass. A high-speed reel at 7.3:1 is a must, and my go-to rod for this technique is a Temple Fork Outfitters 7-4 MH Tactical Bass series. It has moderate action and a soft tip but a backbone to get a great hook-set. When the bass are in the grass, the hollow-belly frog is hard to beat. My go-to is the Spro Bronzeye Popper Frog. It has a double heavyweight Gamakatsu hook that is extremely sharp and heavy enough to get the big bass out of the grass. I like to fish the frog over the grass and through holes in the grass. Rod, line and reel choices are very important with this technique. A high-speed reel is a must, at least 8.3:1, and a heavy braided line. I prefer 65-lb. Cortland Master Braid on a 7-3 XH Temple Fork Outfitters Tactical Bass Rod. This rod has a fast tip and has the backbone to get the biggest bass out of the grass.”

Tournament angler and guide Matt Baty reports, “All three sections of the lake are producing good quality bass.  The bass spawn is 90% done, and the shad are still spawning, and the bluegill are beginning their late spring and summer spawn. For most areas of the lake, the grass is still sub-surface, which makes the bladed jig bite really good. A 1/2-oz. Berkley Slobberknocker in herring color with a white Powerbait Power Stinger trailer catches numbers and big ones on grass edges in both rivers and the Creek. When there’s current present on the rivers, you can crank the grass points to look for schools of fish feeding on shad. My favorite crankbait is a Berkley Dredger 17.5 in a vanilla chartreuse. My favorite cranking rod is the new Abu Garcia Jordan Lee in 7-foot with an Abu Garcia 6.8:1 gear ratio Revo STX reel. This rod has the perfect action for ripping the crankbait free from the hydrilla, which can create vicious strikes. I recently caught an 8-lb., 5-oz. bass on a grass point with the Slobberknocker and a 7-lb., 14-oz. on the Dredger. As the weather continues to warm, look for the topwater bite to pick up and look for more bream to begin spawning and feeding on hydrilla lines. When that pattern emerges, you can swim a worm or throw a walking bait to catch lots of bass.”

Guide Aaron Crews reports, “The bass are still on a frog on the main-lake grass and lily pads. Bass are going to follow the hatch. Watch for mayflies, the shad spawn and panfish beds. Around panfish beds, I use a Texas-rigged Zoom Speed Worm in smoking-purple flake. I prefer poppers that spit over the loud ones. A Don Ivano Splash-It is a good place to start in absolute. As for jerkbaits, I use an A.C. Shiner in shad pattern. Spinnerbaits are doing well. I use a Nichols in white, chartreuse and white and the clear skirt with metal flaked blades. It’s time to start night fishing just after sunset and before sunrise. I use a black Musky Jitterbug, a black Pompadours, a silver shiner Devil’s Horse and a chrome-and-blue or chrome-and-black Tiny Torpedo. I also use Mann’s 8-, 9- and 12-inch worms in blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and grape. I use crankbaits in shad patterns and oranges. I like shallow-running crankbaits and wake baits near grass. Also, fish shallow-billed crankbaits on timber in the rivers and 16- to 22-foot divers on ledges.”

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Multiple Species: Guide Aaron Crews reports, “June 4 is the full moon, and June 18 is the new moon. Three days before and three days after these moon phases is a prime time to go fishing in June. You will have bedding bream on these moon phases. You will also have various insect hatches. Panfish will be on crickets and red wigglers and big reds. As for crappie, they will be on the edges of main-lake grasslines on minnows, Rooster Tails and Beetle Spins. As for Beetle Spin type lures, I prefer green and black, white, chartreuse and black or brown and orange. Stripers and hybrids can be taken on small, shad-type crankbaits or blue chrome. Catfish are on cutbait.”

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