Lake Seminole Fishing Report – June 2019

GON Staff | May 28, 2019

Seminole: Level: 6 inches low. Temp: 81 degrees. Clarity: Clearing.

Bass: Tournament angler and guide Matt Baty reports, “The bass are biting really well right now on the lake. The shallow shad spawn bite is still happening but is slowly starting to die off, and the bream pattern is becoming more predominant. For the early morning shad spawn, look for hydrilla and coontail grass on shallow flats near Wingate’s. A 1/2-oz. Buddha Blade in a shad color works great, as well as swimming a white Big Bite Baits Tour Toad over the grass. When fishing the Buddha Blade, look at your bait when it comes near the boat to see if shad is following the blades. This is a good indication that the shad are spawning in the area. As for the bream bite, look for shallow grass, such as hydrilla or pepper grass, as the bream will either be feeding in the sun or bedding. You can catch the bass around these bream throwing a frog or swimming a worm. There’s also a deep ledge bite when a few gates are open at the dam. There’s not a better crankbait for ledges than a Jenko CD15 or CD20 in gizzard shad.”

Bream: Great. Guide Matt Baty reports, “The shellcrackers and bream are bedding in Spring Creek on sandbars. Red worms for shellcracker and crickets for red bellies work best. You can get over the shellcrackers and catch them but need to back off the bream.”

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