Lake Seminole Fishing Report June 2016

GON Staff | June 3, 2016

Seminole: Level: 0.8 feet below full pool. Temp: Low 80s. Clarity: Slightly stained.

Bass: Guide Aaron Crews reports, “Daytime bass fishing is slow. Early morning and late evening, as well as nighttime, are best. At night, I recommend a Devil’s Horse in silver shiner and Tennessee shad, as well as a black Jitterbug. I also fish 9- to 12-inch worms at night, black or purple in color. During low-light hours, I fish frog-type lures, as well as Horny Toads. If I can find a mayfly hatch, I fish a gold-and-black or silver-and-black Bagleys jerkbait with a tail spinner. Black worms with metal flake seem to work best in daylight hours, as well as Culprit worms in crawdad color. Night fishing should improve with the coming weather. The grass is topping out on Spring Creek and the Flint River. This will improve bass fishing. It should improve the buzzbait, spinnerbait, frog, pitching and flipping bites.”

Catfish: Guide Aaron Crews reports, “There have been some very good catches of catfish taken from the Chattahoochee River at Trails End. A group of men from Leesburg caught over 500 pounds, with some fish up to 35 pounds. Another group from Alabama had over 600 pounds in two days on bush hooks.”

Bream: Guide Aaron Crews reports, “Shad and mayfly hatches continue. The bream, bluegill, shellcracker and redbreast are bedding, and some good catches are being caught on wigglers and crickets. I recently caught some bluegill on a Beetle Spin that would go about a pound each, as well as some good crappie. The jackfish are on a white spinnerbait with twin gold willowleaf blades. Beware the  mudfish are also on a spinnerbait and a worm.”

Note: There are some new sandbars on the lake after the spring floods. More than one person has hit them with their boat. So go slow when running out of the channels.

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