Lake Seminole Fishing Report – July 2023

GON Staff | June 29, 2023

Seminole: Level: 0.6 feet above 77.5 Temp: Mid 80s. Clarity: The water is stained to heavily stained with the recent rains.

Bass: Guide Aaron Crews reports, “Bass are on Carolina-rigged worms, Texas-rigged worms and flipping for the most part. Fish topwater baits like Zara Spooks, Rico’s, Devil’s Horses and Jitterbugs early morning and late evening. At nighttime, go to 10- to 12-inch worms, larger dark-colored jigs and trailers, large swimming worms and larger topwaters. As a rule, at night fish darker lures on dark low moon nights and lighter, more natural forage colors on a brighter moon. The full moon is July 13, and the new moon is July 28. There are three-fish night tournaments on Tuesday night out of Spring Creek Landing and Thursday nights out of Bainbridge. As with all summers, there are mayfly hatches. Fly fishermen who enjoy the early morning and late-evening bites, a big secret is to follow the birds. If you see the birds jumping from limb to limb along with panfish busting the surface and dead mayflies, the action is there for the taking. There is not a fish who hasn’t eaten a mayfly on Seminole. I often Texas rig worms for bass when I see this scenario. I fly fish or fish crickets and worms for panfish and catfish. At night, an old friend of mine used to fish the springs. He would rig night lights to attract mayflies to his boat. He would use a fine net on the mayflies in the trees to catch his bait. On 12-lb. line and a small hook threaded with several mayflies, he caught stripers and hybrids at these springs. For years, Jerry Simms 42- and 46-lb. stripers adorned the walls of Wingate’s Lunker Lodge. Alas both Wingate’s and Jerry are gone now. Jerry Simms caught these big stripers on 12-lb. monofilament over these springs. I’ve written about fishing springs before. They are 72 degrees when other waters are in the 85-92 degrees.”

Various Species: Aaron Crews reports, “You will find panfish bedding on the moons, as well as on the edges of deep grasslines with Beetles Spins. Catfish are in 8 to 15 feet of water on worms and cutbait. Regulations vary between Georgia and Florida. Limb lines, noodles and trot lines rules are different. July 4th is coming soon, so you should be making plans. Make fishing and camping a family affair. Teach someone to fish. Remember God is in all things. On July 8, I’ll be 69 years old. I once wrote for three magazines. Now only GON. This will probably be my last monthly article. God bless.”

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