Lake Seminole Fishing Report January 2017

GON Staff | December 22, 2016

Seminole: Level: 6 inches low. Temp: Upper 50s. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Great. Guide Matt Baty reports, “The grass is starting to die back, and the fish are biting lipless crankbaits ripped free from the hydrilla. The best setup is a Lew’s Pro Magnesium Speed Spool reel in 7:5:1, a 7-3 Buddha Stick medium-heavy-moderate reel, Sunline braid and a Spro ArukuShad in mudbug red. Stay on the lower end of the main lake, and look for the bass to still be on the edges of the grass. The grass is still visible but is dying back really fast, so you may need to use your Lowrance DownScan and mapping to find the grass edges. There is also a deep bite in Spring Creek anywhere the channel swings close to grass. Use a 1/2-oz. Buddha Baits In-Seine swim jig in black and blue tipped with a Big Bite Baits Real Deal Craw in hematoma.” Guide Aaron Crews reports, “Currently, the bass fishermen are using ChatterBaits, black-and-gold Rat-L-Traps and Carolina rigs. As the weather gets colder, try fishing the following: drop shot, jigging spoon, Little George, Heddon Sonar, Silver Buddy and a jig ’n pig.”

Linesides: Matt Baty reports, “On fire! Look for the gulls, and throw an A-rig topped with 3.5-inch Big Bite Cane Thumpers in SS shad color.”

Other: Aaron Crews reports, “The crappie fishermen are using minnows in 12 to 20 feet of water. The pan fishermen are using crickets and worms in 10 to 14 feet of water. The catfishermen are using stink baits and worms in 12 to 20 feet of water. Duck hunting is slow, but cold fronts will change that.”

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