Lake Seminole Fishing Report – February 2023

GON Staff | January 25, 2023

Seminole: Level: 0.3 feet below 77.5. Temp: 62 degrees. Clarity: The water on the rivers is stained, more so on the Flint than the Chattahoochee River.

Bass: Tournament angler and guide Matt Baty reports, “Good. The bass are in their usual prespawn patterns and can be found on main-lake flats, ditches and depressions. Look for bass feeding on shad, small bream and crawfish in these areas, and cover lots of water as the fish will be scattered day to day. You may catch them really good in one place one day and then nothing the next day. You just have to keep moving to find where the bass are on each particular day. Great search baits include the following: 1/2-oz. Berkley Slobberknocker in firecraw and herring or a 1/2-oz. Berkley Warpig in red or natural shad colors. My favorite setup for both techniques include a 7-4 medium-heavy Abu Garcia Veritas rod and any one of the Abu Garcia Zenon Series reels in 8.3:1 spooled with 17-lb. Berkley 100% fluorocarbon. If the weather warms, the fish will move in closer to the sandbars and shallower flats. If it stays cold, they will back down into the ditches and depressions.” Guide Aaron Crews reports, “The Bassmaster Elite series will be on Seminole Feb. 23-26. I’d like to invite everyone who can attend to come to Bainbridge for this tournament. The new moon is on Feb. 1, and the full moon is on the Feb. 16. As warm as it’s been, I wouldn’t be surprised to see bedding bass on the full moon. Bass are being taken on Chatterbaits, chartreuse spinnerbaits and red lipless crankbaits. If the water gets warmer, the bass will move up and start fanning beds. When that happens, junebug-colored Speed Worms and paddle-tailed worms will start to work. As they move up, fish lily pad stems with a Johnson spoon.”

Various Species: Guide Aaron Crews reports, “Crappie are gradually moving up. I believe they will be bedding in February. They are in 8 to 12 of water now on minnows and jigs. Catfish are in 10 to 30 feet of water on cutbait. They will be moving shallower in February. Worms and stinkbait should work well then. Panfish are in 10 to 12 feet of water. They can be taken on worms. If the weather stays stable, they will move shallow to raid the beds of bass and other bedding fish, such as catfish and crappie.”

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