Lake Seminole Fishing Report – February 2020

GON Staff | January 30, 2020

Seminole: Level: 0.1 feet above full. Temp: Upper 50s and low 60s. Clarity: Stained up the Chattahoochee and Flint; Spring Creek is clear.

Bass: Guide Paul Tyre reports, “As we move into February, the bass on Lake Seminole will be staging in their prespawn areas feeding and preparing for the spawning cycle. Spinnerbaits, swim jigs and lipless crankbaits will be productive lures to cover water. One of my favorite early spring spinnerbaits is a 1/2-oz. Booyah Covert Series tandem spinnerbaits in chartreuse and white fished along the grasslines and over the grass flats. A great swim jig is the Untamed Tackle Heavy Cover swim jig. It comes with an Owner Jungle Flipping Hook, which is a great hook that can be used on fluorocarbon or heavy braided line. Another great feature of Untamed Tackle products is no super glue is needed for your trailer due to the patent-pending Quad Keeper. One of my favorite lipless crankbaits is a Profound Outdoors Azuma Shaker Z in the Seminole Breeze color. This is a proven color that catches big ones! This is great lure for covering the grass flats.”

Guide Aaron Crews reports, “Feb. 9 will be the full moon and Feb. 23 will be the new moon. You can be looking for bass on the bed three days before and three days after each of these phases. As fish stage, fish a Carolina-rigged lizard in green pumpkin, watermelon or junebug in deep water next to bedding areas. If fishing beds, fish a tube with an internal rattle and weight in a color you can easily see. Also try a jig and trailer, an A.C Shiner 1.5 in a minnow color or a Texas-rigged lizard with a light weight fished on the beds. Sight fishing requires that the boat does not block the fish’s deep-water access. When searching for staging fish, throw a purple or black Johnson spoon with a chartreuse skirt around lily pad stems or a try a junebug paddletail worm with a 1/16- to 1/32-oz. weight, and fish it with some speed. Other choices I would consider are a crawfish-colored Rat-L-Trap or a gold/black back, orange-bellied Rattlin Rogue. Fish will move up and be pushed back to the next breakline by cold fronts. When this happens, you may have to flip this cover or use a deep-lipped or suspending jerkbait.”

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