Lake Seminole Fishing Report – December 2022

GON Staff | November 28, 2022

Seminole: Level: 1.1 feet below 77.5.

Various Species: Guide Aaron Crews reports, “Winter is here. The full moon is Dec. 8, and the new moon is Dec. 23. With that being said, you can’t tell what the fish will be doing all the time. Changing water temperatures and storm fronts will change the pattern almost weekly, if not daily. Duck season is here. Be prepared to share the lake and play nice. Crappie are in 10 to 18 feet of water and are biting on minnows. Per Oscar Bailey, he is using a spider rig. Panfish and catfish are in the same depth of water. They are on worms and wigglers. There will always be bass in the thick cover. On a warmer day, you can flip or punch with a green-pumpkin or black-and-blue beaver-type bait or jig. On colder days, it’s time to break out the heavy-metal-type lures, like a Little George, Heddon Sonar Silver Buddy, jigging spoon, Cotton Cordell Gay Blade, etc.”

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