Lake Seminole Fishing Report – December 2008

GON Staff | November 26, 2008

Seminole: Level: 6 inches below full pool. Temp: 50-56 degrees. Clarity: Mostly clear.

Fair. “The recent cold fronts have dramatically dropped the water temperature,” said Mike Baty. “Some fish are still being caught on the grass flats with Rat-L-Traps and spinnerbaits. The main-lake flats seem to be working the best. Fish the edges of flats near deep water with scattered hydrilla present. Throw a 5/8-oz. Spro Aruku Shad in green shiner or mudbug red. Let the bait bog up in the grass, and then rip it out. For a spinnerbait, throw a 1/2-oz. Picasso double willow in gizzard-shad or baby-bass colors. Fish the spinnerbait the same way you would fish the Rat-L-Trap, just use a slower retrieve. Another bite that has been present and will be on fire later this month is fishing the creek-channel bends in Spring Creek. This will be a definite way to win tournaments during the cold weather. Fish the old creek channel in Spring Creek all the way from Big Jim’s to Sealy’s Landing. Now is a good time to get an idea where the channel is because the hydrilla is still present. You have to fish slow, and it may take a while to find the fish, but when you do there will be numbers. Fish a Big Bite Baits 5-inch Trick Stick in the BioBait formula. The colors watermelon candy or watermelon work really well. Fish the Trick Stick on a Tru-Tungsten 3/16-oz. unpainted lead. The great thing about the BioBait worms is that they do not twist your line. Fish this rig on all of the bends in the old Spring Creek channel. The bends with balls of shad present on your Humminbird are obviously better.”

Crappie: Excellent. “Chris Blackmon of Colquitt recently caught over 100 specks on the Flint River,” Matt said. “He was fishing the river ledges near creek mouths and grass. He was drop shotting a Big Bite Baits 1/16-oz. Hal-Fly with a 1/2-oz. lead as the drop-shot weight. Any color with white and a little red seemed to work best, Chris said. He said to put a minnow on the back of the Hal-Fly. He was using 6-lb. fluorocarbon line on a spinning reel. He said just drop the Hal-Fly and minnow over the side of the boat, let it go to the bottom, and then make about three cranks of the reel handle to get it up off the bottom about a foot. Then he said just let the current drift you into the fish. Once you find them, drop anchor and get ready!”

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