Lake Oconee Fishing Report – October 2008

GON Staff | September 23, 2008

Oconee: Level: Full pool. Temp: 76-79 degrees. Clarity: Light stain in the middle section of the lake; clear on the lower end.

Bass: Good. “Using a shaky-head worm around the docks is the best way to catch number of fish, and you may also get a really good one,” said guide Al Bassett. “Using a buzzbait first thing in the day — or all day if it is an overcast day — is another way to grab a few good ones. Make sure that you hit all the poles you can. Also, small crankbaits and spinnerbaits are catching a few fish. The key is to work docks that are near deep water and at the mouths of the coves. These fish are starting to move back into the coves, and this is the first place they will start to show up.” Al also recommends dragging a Carolina-rigged worm on the primary points and humps near the creek mouths. “Before you start to fish these areas, spend some time looking at your depthfinder watching for the baitfish. The fishing is always better when Georgia Power is moving water.”

Crappie: Good over brush that is 18 to 20 feet deep, fishing minnows down about 12 feet. The size is improving. “Daytime fishing has been very good using live bait over brushpiles and drop-offs,” Al said. “If you see the fish on your depthfinder but are not catching any, try that spot later in the day. These fish will turn on and off all day long.”

Hybrids: Good fishing is coming. “The cooler mornings will make the baitfish began to congregate in shallower water, and the fish will follow them,” said guide Doug Nelms. “The first place these hybrids and stripers always show up in is the River Bend area. You can fish from the Great Waters boathouse all the way down to Flagpole Point and mark fish.” Live shad on flatlines and downlines are preferred by most, but some anglers will catch them on shiners and trolling plugs or bucktails. “Many afternoons the fish will just start schooling for no apparent reason, so it is always good to have some topwater arsenal to throw at them.”

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