Lake Oconee Fishing Report – October 2006

GON Staff | September 25, 2006

Oconee: Level: Full pool. Temp: 77-78 degrees. Clarity: Mostly clear; light stain in some creeks.

Fair. If you’ll chunk and wind first thing in the morning, you might call up a 4-lb. largemouth on top — but the topwater isn’t producing numbers yet. Try a Pop-R or a Spittin’ Image along rock and wood seawalls. Pay attention to the baitfish either on your electronics or by watching for activity. If the bait is shallow, it’s spinnerbait time on Oconee, and you can have some fun running the pockets and burning the blade next to every bit of cover you see. If the bait isn’t in the pockets, back out to the mouths of the pockets and fish a crankbait or Carolina-rigged Trick Worm on the points in eight to 12 feet of water. Also, skipping a Senko or Trick Worm under the docks will produce, as will fishing more slowing with a jig. Every pattern will get stronger this month as the shad move shallow and the bass follow.

Crappie: Fair, according to guide Al Bassett. “The crappie are still in large schools on the main lake drop-offs and brushpiles. When you catch your first fish, make sure you mark the area with a buoy-marker. Live bait has been the best bait, but make sure you keep them in good shape by using an aerator in your minnow bucket and add ice to the water from time to time to help keep the water cool. Night fishing is starting to pick back up and will only get better.”

Hybrids: Fair. When Georgia Power Co. is moving water, there are some hybrids coming up on top. “Look for the schooling fish in the middle areas of the lake,” said Al. “Long points, underwater islands and around the pipeline area are the best places to start. These fish may come up one day and not the next. Live shad fished down the lake near the dam should bring a few good fish.”

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