Lake Oconee Fishing Report – November 2007

GON Staff | October 24, 2007

Oconee: Level: Down 2.1 feet below full pool. When Georgia Power is moving water out, the level may drop by up to 2 feet, so use caution when running the lake. Access is starting to be an issue. Some ramps have been closed at times due to low water. Call ahead. Temp: 70-75 degrees. Clarity: Mostly clear, except for a light stain up the rivers.

Bass: Good. “The bass fishing is still very good with a lot of fish in less than 2 feet of water,” said guide Al Bassett. The topwater bite has been hit-or-miss — really good some mornings, and non-existent on others. “Use a small buzzbait in the white or white/chartreuse colors, and fish along the shoreline. Make sure you hit any wood you can, blowdowns and brush that may be a little out of the water — and the dock poles,” Al said. “After the sun gets up, use an Ol-Nelle spinnerbait in a 3/8-oz. size. White/chartreuse has been catching some good fish. You need to cover a lot of water and hit any cover you find. Most of these fish are coming out of less than 3 feet of water. A small crankbait like a Little Earl in the blue-back with a chartreuse bottom is also working well in the same areas. A lot of fish are being caught using Texas-rigged worms in the watermelon color where you find rocks or wood still in the water.”

Crappie: Good, with some big crappie being caught while night fishing around the lighted docks and also in the standing timber. “During the day using live minnows fished over brush in 10 to 15 feet of water. There are a few fish being caught from the shore at the Sugar Creek bridge,” Al said.

Hybrids: Fair. “There are some schooling fish around the lake. I would suggest having a popping cork ready for when they come,” Al said. “Some of these schools have some big fish. Watch the size of the bait these fish will be chasing. Areas where fish are feeding on larger bait will have the better fish.”

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