Lake Oconee Fishing Report – July 2009

GON Staff | June 23, 2009

Oconee: Level: Full pool. Temp. 85-88 degrees. Clarity: Slight stain. Some of the pockets from Sugar Creek down the lake are green from algae blooms.

Bass: Good. “There have been a lot of mayflies around the lake,” Al Bassett said. “Two of the baits that have been good around the mayflies are a Pop-R and an Ol Nelle double-bladed buzzbait in white/chartreuse. These mayflies will be around for most of the month. As we enter into the dog days of summer, look for the fish to be on the long points or under islands that the channel runs close to these areas.” Use your electronics to find baitfish. “When you find baitfish, spend some time fishing that area. Baits to use would be a big crankbait like a DD 22 or a Carolina-rigged worm. It is hard to beat a watermelon or watermelon-candy color on this lake. Make sure you use a good dye like JJ’s Magic on your soft plastic, as this will help to increase your catch ratio. The bite is much better when Georgia Power is moving water, but there is no announced schedule for this. Another good way to catch a few fish is to flip a large worm under docks where you have deep water nearby. You won’t get as many bites, but the fish you get should be good sized. During the first part of the month, look for any grass down the lake and fish topwater baits in the grass.”

Fair. “Fishing at night with lights off the side of the boat is a way to beat the heat and catch a few fish,” said Al. “Use live minnows, and set up under a bridge or in the standing timber. During the day look for brushpiles in 15 to 20 feet of water, and fish a live minnow in the brush. You will need to use some type of livewell to keep your bait fresh.”

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