Lake Oconee Fishing Report December 2015

GON Staff | November 24, 2015

Oconee: Level: 0.1 feet below full pool. Temp: 59-65 degrees. Clarity: Muddy up the rivers, and clearing down the lake. Richland Creek is clear.

Bass: Guide Mark Smith reports, “The fishing on Oconee during the month of December should be good. The bass will be feeding on the shad that are bunched up in the creeks and large coves during the first of the month. As the cold fronts keep coming, the shad will move out of the coves into the main lake, and the bass will follow. So at the first of the month, I would target the bass in the middle to backs of the creeks and coves with spinnerbaits and small crankbaits fished along the seawalls and docks, along with other wood cover in the coves and creeks. As the water cools, the fish will move out into the main lake with the bait. It will be time to switch to the deeper humps and off the points on the main lake.”

Linesides: Great. Guide Mark Smith reports, “There are large schools of fish stacked up in the creeks with cleaner water. They are feeding on live bait, fished on downlines and flatlines, and spoons. You will need good electronics, like the Lowrance HDS, to locate the large schools of shad and stripers/hybrids. When you find them, drop a live bait down, and the fun will start. These fish will also follow the bait. As the weather changes and gets colder, the bait and the fish will move out into the main lake, and then it will be time to chase the birds that are diving on the bait. Live bait and spoons will also be the bait of choice under the birds.”

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