Lake Oconee Crappie Fishing Report – March 12, 2024

GON Staff | March 13, 2024

Maurice Van Hall says the time is right now to fish Lake Oconee for crappie.

Maurice Van Hall said it’s officially catching season at Lake Oconee!

“Over the years I have fished every day of the year in various places,” Maurice said. “I have learned—the hard way—that any day is a fishing day, but relatively few days are what I call catching days.
I went to Oconee on Tuesday morning (March 12), and believe me if you love crappie, this was a catching day! I dropped the transducer, and there were crappie everywhere. I caught one on the first cast and four the first 10 casts.

“The fish have moved well back into the creeks and are roaming 3 to 12 feet deep and are only waiting for a few more degrees of warmth. The water was 57 degrees when I arrived and was 60 when I left. The next two days will be close to 80 with almost no wind. If you can get away, the time to go is NOW.

“The fish are easily reached by longlining, pushing or Livescoping. The water is heavily stained, and dark colors are best. Chartreuse-and-black and pink-and-black were deadly today. I caught 50 or so, keeping 25 with a bonus white bass and a 4-lb. striper. Get out there and have some fun on a catching day.”

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