Lake Nottely Fishing Report – December 2007

GON Staff | November 27, 2007

Nottely: Level: 23.3 feet below full pool. Temp: Upper 50 degrees. Clarity: Clear. The backs of the creeks are stained.

Bass: The standards on Nottely in the winter are a jigging spoon, a worm and occasionally a crankbait, said John Hembree. A jigging spoon on main-lake points and humps will generally catch fish. A green-pumpkin worm rigged Texas style worked slowly through deep brush will usually catch spots, too. For largemouths, watch the weather. “If you get three or four days of warm weather you can throw a crankbait on sunny banks and catch largemouths that move up into the warmer water,” said John.

Linesides: Fair. Nottely linesides guide Jeremy Seabolt said it has been hot or cold depending on the day. He has been catching stripers on big freelined blueback herring or trout early in the day around points three and four. “I am still fishing over 60 feet of water and marking fish in the 30 to 40 foot range,” said Jeremy. “That’s deep for this time of year. The fish should be up in the 10 or 15 foot range.” Jeremy said the schooling activity is almost nonexistent. “Last year they were schooling all through December down in front of the dam. They haven’t started doing that yet this year.” For more on Nottely linesides, see page 74.

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