Lake Hartwell Fishing Report – May 2009

GON Staff | April 28, 2009

Hartwell: Level: 4.8 feet below full pool. Temp:. Clarity: Clear.

Excellent. Josh Fowler reports, “The rising water level has created plenty of shallow cover for the bass, and from the shoreline out to about 12 feet we have flooded weeds and grass. You can find fish in all three stages of the spawn right now, but most of the fish are still holding around the shallow cover in the spawning pockets. The faster-moving baits that generate a reaction strike like a 3/8-oz. Buckeye Lures spinnerbait, a 1/2-oz. Ima Rock N Vibe lipless crankbait and a Zoom Horny Toad have been the hottest baits, but as you would expect the fish are getting finicky from all the pressure. I am starting to do well with finesse baits like the 1/8-oz. Zappu Wacky jig head or a 3/16-oz. Spot Remover rigged with a Zoom Trick Worm or magnum finesse worm. Most of the fish are spooky from fishing pressure, so try to make long casts with these finesse baits before you move into the pocket to look for beds. As we move into May, you can start to focus on areas where the blueback herring will spawn. We should see a topwater bite start to fire up. When this happens, you will need the new IMA Skimmer topwater bait or a Zoom Super Fluke ready to cast.”

Fish freelined herring on the banks early. Look for schooling activity to pick up. Throw Spooks, flukes and Pop-Rs.

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