Lake Hartwell Fishing Report – July 2009

GON Staff | June 23, 2009

Hartwell: Level: 2.7 feet below full pool. Temp: 83 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Excellent. Josh Fowler reports, “Bass fishing on Lake Hartwell has been excellent over the last few weeks. The offshore topwater bite is in full swing, and it’s taking 15 to 18 pounds to win the daytime pot tournaments up here. The fish are bunched up on the humps, points and ledges all over the lake. All the typical topwater baits have the potential to work, but I’m using the Ima Lures Skimmer and a Zoom Super Fluke. The most important factor for this topwater bite is the wind, and when you have a good chop on the water, it’s going to be a fun day of fishing. If you lose that chop, you will have to slow down and fish a Mop Jig or a Spot Remover around rocks or brushpiles. The night tournaments are also under way right now, and it’s taking 10 to 15 pounds to win. When it gets dark, you can head for the lighted docks with brush and fish a big dark-colored worm like the Wackem Crazy Baits Samson worm. This is a 10 1/2-inch, straight-tail worm that’s loaded with scent, and the bass really respond to this bait after dark.”

Linesides: Travis Long reports, “The fishing is great. The fish are pouring out of the rivers and creeks, and as they move, they’re feeding. You can still fish up the rivers, fish the mid-lake and fish the lower end to catch fish. Creek beds, ditches, mouths of coves and river channels fishing downrods over treetops has been the most productive. Fish 20 to 40 feet down in 50 to 90 feet of water. Don’t be afraid also to pull freelines. These patterns will stay the same for a while. Remember there are plenty of fish all over the lake. Fish in places nobody else is fishing, and you’ll catch a lot more fish.”

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