Lake Hartwell Fishing Report April 2012

GON Staff | March 28, 2012

Hartwell: Level: 7.1 feet below full pool. Temp: 68-70 degress. Clarity: Clear.

Stripers: Very good. “April is the month to fish,” said guide Preston Harden. “More boats come out fishing in April than any other month. April might be more like May this year, but no one knows what to expect as this winter has been the mildest ever on Lake Hartwell. The water temperature never went below 50 degrees, and the fish ate well all winter. As of March 18, the water temperature is pushing 70 degrees. This temperature is normal for late April. The hybrids, stripers and bass have been scattered in the main rivers with many heading up river on a spawning run. Not all stripers run up rivers. Some will try to spawn on the banks of the lower lake. Look for fish around shoal markers and long points on the main lake. There should be surface action early mornings and late afternoons with bass and stripers chasing shad and herring around the shoals and points. Pulling freelined herring and casting flukes should get you bit. When you see fish splashing water, try a topwater plug like a Zara Spook or a Lucky Craft Sammy in ghost color.”

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