Lake Eufaula Fishing Reports – December 2020

GON Staff | November 28, 2020

Eufaula: Level: 2.9 feet below 190 full pool. The corps had dropped the lake to 186 (at 187.15 currently) to work on the dam. The level is coming back up. Temp: 60s. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Guide Sam Williams reports, “The water level is slowly rising, and the shoreline cover areas will soon be back in play. The baitfish will be working this new area as the water covers the new vegetation. The game fish will follow the shad, and the frog and blade baits will be back in play. The cooler weather will continue to drop the water temperature. As the water cools, the bass will become more lethargic and require more finesse to aggravate a strike. The shallow bite continues on Texas-rigged Trick Worms in dark colors: blue/greens and watermelon candy. Swim jigs with creature baits in the same colors are also doing well. ChatterBaits and rattletrap-type baits are also working when presented around the edges. Deeper bass are holding on deeper man-made and natural cover on the ledge drops. Carolina rigs, deep crankbaits and heavy jigs work in these areas. Large black worms on the Carolina rigs and blue/green creature baits are a good bet on the jigs. Large jigging spoons worked vertically in these schools will stir up a hit.”

Crappie: Guide Sam Williams reports, “Crappie are holding tight on the deep cover and some good fish are coming on minnows and minnow-tipped jigs held above these schools.”

Catfish: Guide Sam Williams reports, “Catfish are still eating well for the bottom fishermen using chicken livers, cutbait and shrimp. Jug fishermen are becoming more active as the currents subside and it is easier to keep the jugs corralled in the creeks.”

Note: “Please visit and sign up for our newsletter for updates on the Alabama Classic benefit tournament,” said Sam Williams. “Keep up with the news as we progress toward an exciting June 2021 tournament. We thank Alfa Insurance for becoming our Title Sponsor guaranteeing our first place team a $5,000 payout with a total purse of $15,000 paid to 15 teams, plus the Big Fish side pot paid for first and second big fish. For more info or to sign up, call me at 334.355.5057.”

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