Lake Eufaula Fishing Report November 2011

GON Staff | October 26, 2011

Eufaula: Level: 2.9 feet below full pool. Temp: Low 70s. Clarity: Good stain.

Bass: Fair. Sam Williams said the fish are fattening up and looking a lot more healthy than they did this summer. The bite is still pretty slow, although there are fish to be caught. First thing in the morning, there is a little bit of a topwater grass bite. Throw a frog like a Revere Maxx or a Big Bite Top Toad. When that peters out, it’s time to hit the creek and river ledges with a deep-running crankbait like a Mann’s 20+. The fish are feeding on threadfin shad around the ledges, and some sort of structure on the ledge really helps. If you can’t get them on the crankbait, try fishing a big worm or a jig very slowly. Sam said there are a lot of small 12- to 14-inch fish out there and encouraged anglers to keep these small fish and eat them. DCNR biologists have said the population of small fish needs to be thinned out to leave more forage for fish to get bigger. Sam’s tackle shop, S&K Outdoors, is now Rebel Guard on 14th Street in Eufaula. Dr. Tim Malcolm reports, “The fishing has really picked up since the last report. On my last trip, a client and I caught several fish in the 3-lb. range on a half-day trip. You can catch at least a few fish early on any small, shad-imitating topwater bait. I would concentrate on areas about halfway back in the creeks where the creek channel swings in against the bank. Look for shad and fish activity on the surface, and pay close attention to your electronics to help pinpoint key areas. Once the topwater bite is over, your best bet for numbers and quality fish is to throw a crankbait on shallow main-lake and creek-channel ledges in the 6- to 10-foot range. A Spro Little John MD in the spooky-shad color is a personal favorite. Again, concentrate on areas where you find shad, and look for key structural features such as channel intersections, stumps, brushpiles, etc. to improve your success.”

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