Lake Eufaula Fishing Report – March 2009

GON Staff | February 24, 2009

Eufaula: Level: 0.9 feet above full pool. Temp: 49-51 degrees. Clarity: Ranging from clear to stained.

Bass: Guide Capt. Sam Williams reports: “Bass fishing has been productive, but slow. When the sun is up, the hydrilla and weed lines hold bait and bass. The cover acts as an incubator and draws fish. The deeper-water ledges are holding bigger fish that should be in a feeding mode. The air temperature is about to be a lot cooler with morning temperatures in the mid 20s. It will take some consistent work on the humps and ledges to draw a strike, but the patient angler will prevail. We have been having success on the Stanford Big C deep diver in the blue and white colors. These baits have been hard to find lately due to the re-location of the company. They are back up and in better shape than ever. We also have had good luck with the Minda Spear worm in the spinach color. Rig it on a 1-oz. jig or Carolina rig for the deep water, or put it on the Fin-tech Nuckle Ball jig and use it as a shaky head. The warm weather will soon be here, and you will need to stock up on the Big Bite Top Toad. This is the best frog-type bait I have ever used. It has produced more fish in the 5-lb. or better range than any frog we’ve thrown.”

Crappie: Good. “Crappie are hitting the trolling rigs now, and this is a lot more fun than just sitting on a hot spot — a lot more work as well,” Sam said. “The Hal Fly is the hottest ticket on the river.”

Catfish: “Slow, but dependable as always. When the water temperature comes up a few more degrees they will take off and wear you out,” Sam said.

“Pan fish are still slow but will also pick up when the temperature gets warmer,” Sam said.

Visit <>, and see all the new ways you can be a part of a tournament to help the fight against terminal disease affecting our children. “We already have 19 teams registered, and the applications will be out and around soon. For now, download the form on the website, and send it in,” Sam said. “FLW will be here this June to handle our weigh-in. We are so blessed to have such a quality group involved in our efforts. Thank them when you are at any of their tournaments. Let them know you all support us.”

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