Lake Eufaula Fishing Report – June 2023

GON Staff | May 24, 2023

Eufaula: Level: 1.7 feet below 190. Temp: 78 degrees. Clarity: Slight stain to clear.

Bass: Capt. Sam Williams reports, “The water level is slowly rising due to the heavy rains. The corp states they are trying to keep the river at 187. This has taken the shallow-grass-cover bite off the table for the most part. The only benefit to this is that if the water remains low long enough, we will have new growth on the bare banks when the water does come back up. The spring fishing has been really tough, with tournament weights far below normal. When the bass are feeding, we have such a huge supply of shad. You rarely find them hungry. Slow presentations are necessary to aggravate a strike. Jerkbaits worked hard through the schools you see on your graphics are getting reaction bites. The last MLF tournament that was here the fishermen were constantly throwing shad out of their livewells from the keeper bass they caught. Any color jerkbait with a dot on it that looks like the threadfin shad is a good choice. The grass cover up north in the bigger creeks still has some good water around it. The normal shallow presentations are a good bet up there, and the water is also a little clearer where you find deeper shore cover. The frog, spinnerbait, ChatterBait and Texas rigs are what you want to throw. Swim jigs and Traps are other good choices. Greens, green/reds and merthiolate are good colors to work, along with shad colors on the Traps and hard baits to match our bait. Shallow squarebills are good worked around the rip-rap. The deeper fish can be located on your electronics and caught with a Carolina rig with a large plastic in dark color. Tip the tail in chartreuse J.J.’s Magic. Heavy jigs bounced on the bottom with a big trailer and a large spoon worked vertically in the suspended fish could create some action.”

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Multiple Species: Capt. Sam Williams reports,Crappie are still scattered and moving deeper as the water warms up. Minnows tipped on a jig suspended in the school will get a bite. Panfish will be eating crickets. The normal shallow bedding areas are high and dry now. Shellcrackers will be on the flats bedding on the next full moon. Wigglers are the bait of choice here. You will also get a good mess of cats as they feed on the cracker’s eggs. Mudfish are spawning and hitting everything thrown and eating any cutbait on a catfish jug. They do put up a good fight. Remember the 23rd annual Lee King Memorial Bass Tournament in coming up September 16. Go to and get an early boat number.”

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