Lake Eufaula Fishing Report – January 2023

GON Staff | December 23, 2022

Eufaula: Level: Full at 188. Temp: 64 degrees. Clarity: Muddy.

Bass: Capt. Sam Williams reports, “The unseasonably warm winter has kept the water temp up for this time of year. This has kept the shallow bite active longer than usual. The bite continues to be extremely slow. It takes work to cause the bass to want to eat your offering. Texas rigs, swim jigs and slow-moving ChatterBaits are getting strikes. Carolina rigs worked on the first drops on the river and creek ledges are also working. Dead sticking the soft baits on the bottom has become a good choice to get a hit. The bass seem to be running at the boat with the bait, so keep a close eye on your line movement. The most difficult hook set is when the bass are coming at you. If you reel down on them too fast, they will feel it and drop the hook. If you fish with too much slack, it will result in a wimpy hook set, and they will probably jump off as you lift them into the boat. Jigging spoons in larger sizes are working where you find any deeper fish holding near cover. You may need to work on them for several minutes to get them to hit the spoon. Soft plastic colors that have been working are black with a chartreuse tail, watermelon candy, watermelon red and junebug. Use a white trailer on your jigs and ChatterBait. Dipping the tail in J.J’s Magic chartreuse is a good idea. The garlic odor makes a difference, too.”

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Multiple Species: Capt. Sam Williams reports, “Crappie are on the drops in trashpiles eating minnows in 16 to 24 feet of water. There are a lot of night fishermen using lights under the bridges and causeways. Panfish are still on the shorelines in this warm water eating worms and crickets. Catfish are always a lot of fun on jugs baited with cutbait or stir-fry strips. Bottom fishing for the cats using nightcrawlers will draw in some big ones.”

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