Lake Eufaula Fishing Report December 2018

GON Staff | November 28, 2018

Eufaula:Level: 1.9 feet below 190 full pool. Temp: 60-65 degrees. Clarity: Light stain.

Bass: Cole Burdeshaw and Peyton McCord, bothAuburn University tournament anglers and guides, report, “The fishing is good and will continue to get better as the weather cools off. There are a lot of good Eufaula bass being caught shallow on a number of weedless lures such as frogs, ChatterBaits and jigs. During the bright, blue-bird sky days, flipping a creature bait, such as a Big Bite Baits Yomama, with a 1 1/2-oz. weight into matted vegetation will get a few big bites. The hydrilla bite has been good, but it’s not easy to figure out. Focus on fishing the edges with Rat-L-Traps and ChatterBaits, and you will eventually run into a group of good largemouth. As always, there are fish that can be caught offshore. Look for schools of fish and cover with your electronics, and try a Carolina-rigged Big Bite’s finesse worm or a crankbait to get these fish to bite. Take a trip to Eufaula soon, December is always a great time to catch a big one!”Tournament angler Les Bratcher #bigbitebaits #alxrods reports, “The fishing on Lake Eufaula has been good. The best catches have been coming from the hydrilla that Michael didn’t destroy. There are still some reports of a few deep fish still showing up. Most anglers have spent their time working hydrilla lines with a variety of topwaters, moving baits and punching sticks to catch their sacks. Deep fish have been biting crankbaits, finesse rigs and Alabama Rigs. The lake looks to be headed to the usual winter patters with the cold weather on the way. Most anglers will get out their jigging spoons or opt to go to the woods to shoot a big ol’ buck. Tightlines!” Guide Sam Williams reports, “The water is slowly rising, the shore cover is still present, and the baitfish are continuing to hold under these areas. The creeks are still hot early using popping frogs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Following up a missed hit on the topwater with a quick Senko presentation has been paying off. Blue/green and watermelon are a good choice of colors. The deeper fish are doing well on Carolina-rigged soft plastics, jigs and deep cranks. With the cooler water, the bass are more active and hitting good. ChatterBaits and red plastics will get a strike in this nasty water. Bass fishermen, remember the advice from the biologists that we need to remove the spotted bass from Lake Eufaula. There is no longer a minimum size limit on spots. They have become overpopulated with the catch and release. This will help us grow bigger bass. We also have a great opportunity to help Auburn research by getting involved in the Swab A Hawg program. Pick up a swab kit at most bait shops in the Eufaula area, and swab the tongue on all the largemouth you catch 4 pounds and bigger. The results from this study will help both Georgia and Alabama DNR go after funding to stock Lake Eufaula with the Florida strain of largemouth that will grow faster and live longer. Let’s help in these efforts to make our fishery better.”

Crappie: Guide Sam Williams reports, “The Eufaula crappie are still suspended on deeper cover 10 to 18 feet. Minnow-tipped jigs are a good choice.”

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