Lake Eufaula Bass Fishing Report – March 18, 2024

Ronnie Garrison | March 19, 2024

Ronnie Garrison with a 6-lb. postpsawn Lake Eufaula bass caught at hole No. 1 in his March Map of the Month article with Ethan Green.

I fished Eufaula from Wednesday, March 13 through Sunday, March 17 with a Potato Creek Club Tournament Saturday and Sunday. The lake level was 1.3 feet above full pool after a heavy rain, and the water was very stained. The surface temperatures were in the mid to upper 60s. Most of my fishing was from Lake Point to Cool Branch. Since I get to fish Eufaula about once a year, I rely on my history of Map of the Month articles to get an idea of what to try.

On Wednesday, I started out pretty good with a 6-pounder from Ethan Green’s March Map of the Month hole 1. As he predicted, the bass was postspawn, ragged, worn and skinny. Based on its head, I thought 7-plus until I put it on a scale. It hit a Fluke Stick in the grass there.

Lake Eufaula Bass On All Phases Of March Spawn

I spent the next two days looking at similar places and putting in GPS trails.

Saturday morning I ran to hole 1 and quickly lost two on a chartreuse-and-white spinnerbait with chartreuse-and-orange blades and then landed a 2.5-pounder on the spinnerbait.  The fishing got real slow after that. I talked to a boat captain with a youth team from Mobile, and he said they had some frog blow-ups in there on Friday, but the flooding rain Friday night had muddied it back up.

I started pitching a 1/4-oz. black-and-blue Bitsy Flip with a blue sapphire Zoom Creepy Crawler trailer with tails dipped in chartreuse JJ’s Magic and caught three more keepers, one on Ethan’s hole 3 and the other two on old Map of the Month holes. I was letting the jig fall down the edge of water primrose and reed beds. My four bass weighed 8.65—never could make up for the two I lost that morning.

Sunday I stopped on the rip-rap where there was some grass on it and caught a 2-pounder on the spinnerbait. Then I went to hole 1 and got a 3-pounder on the spinnerbait. At 11 a.m., I got a thump on the Bitsy Flip in front of a grassbed, set the hook and fought a 5-lb. plus bass to within 10 feet of the boat before somehow letting it jump and throw the jig! I caught two more on the jig and lost another on it, again on old article holes. My four bass weighed 9.36. I really needed that 5-pounder!

I finished seventh out of 14 in the club in the two-day tournament with eight bass at 18.01 pounds. The winner Lee Hancock had 10 weighing 26.56 and his partner Bailey Stewart had eight bass at 16.48 pounds. He said they caught most around grass on orange bladed jigs in a creek below the causeways. Second was Raymond English with 10 at 24.75 and big fish with a 5.99-pounder. The big one hit a Strike Zone white bladed jig he bought in Eufaula just for the tournament. That bass was in very shallow grass. It was definitely on the bed or postspawn.  Third was Caleb Delay with 10 at 23.13, and his partner and daddy Kinny Delay had 10 at 21.19 for fourth. They caught most of their fish around shallow grass on bladed jigs. Second, third and fourth all came from Wylaunee Creek!

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