Lake Blue Ridge Fishing Report – November 2023

GON Staff | October 25, 2023

Blue Ridge: Level: 7.8 feet below 1681. Temp: 65 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Eric Welch, of Welch’s Guide Service reports, “Fishing is picking up. I start my morning out throwing topwater. I normally will throw an Ima Skimmer and a Whopper Plopper on main-lake flats and points. While throwing topwater, I will be looking at my Garmin Livescope to see if I mark any fish. When I do mark fish, I will be using a drop shot, a 3.5-inch tube and a 3.5-inch swimbait on a 1/4-oz. swimbait jig head. By mid morning, I will start making my way up the river, fishing any laydowns I can find and then deep bends of the river. Mostly the same baits I throw on the main body I will throw in the river, but I may add a shaky head. As the water temps keep dropping, the fishing will get better. Good luck.”

Walleye: Eric Crowley, of Lake And Stream Guide Service, reports, “November typically means deer season for most people, but we are hunting something different on Blue Ridge Lake this month: Walleye, and big ones at that. It’s my favorite time of year to run-and-gun looking for hungry fish pinned to the bottom. Vertical presentations fished right in their face is the go-to technique. Fish spoons, jigs and blade baits in all sizes. It’s a fast-pace reaction bite that’s hard to beat. If you like to jig and cover water, this is the time to do it. Look for fish anywhere from 25 to 75 feet of water typically near the islands or in the mouth of the river where it enters the main lake. Color choices will change day to day, and you should have a vast selection. Chrome, yellow, purple, orange and gold are all great options.”

Yellow Perch: Eric Crowley reports, “The yellow perch bite will also peak this month. Look for big schools to congregate on old grassbeds in 15 to 30 feet of water. Little spoons are the fastest way to catch them, and minnows on a jig head is another great alternative if they won’t eat the spoons. We only keep the bigger fish, letting the smaller ones go, and sometimes you have to weed through the little ones to find quality fish. Fish in the 12- to 15-inch range is what we are after this month. There’s been a good topwater bass bite first thing in the morning. Zara Spooks and chrome spoons are my go-to baits for this. If they won’t chase the Spook, throw the spoon and just let it fall on a slack line. Please remember the lake is at winter pool and there are no public docks that are usable this time of year. This means pulling your boat onto the shoreline. Also the ramp becomes a single lane again at winter pool. Watch for shallow-water hazards and stay warm. We will see you on the water.”

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