Lake Blue Ridge Fishing Report – March 2008

GON Staff | February 27, 2008

Blue Ridge: Level: 16 feet below full pool. Temp: 48 to 50 degrees. Clarity: The river and the backs of the creeks are dingy.

Good for smallmouths, according to Blue Ridge fishing guide Nathan Lewis. “And the muddy water has made the largemouths more vulnerable around wood structure on the banks,” he said. “A shallow-running crankbait like a Shad Rap or Norman’s Little N should catch fish, and if it is windy, I would probably stick with the crankbait.” Plan B is to move into deeper water off the points and fish a drop shot or tube jig in water 15 to 18 feet deep.

Good at night, particularly on the nights leading up to and following the full moon. A few fish are still on the river ledges, but most fish are making the move to the banks — either up the river or onto rocky main-lake banks — in anticipation of the spawn. For fishing techniques, see page 80.

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