Lake Blue Ridge Fishing Report – December 2009

GON Staff | November 25, 2009

Blue Ridge: Level: 10.8 feet below full pool. Temp: Low 60s. Clarity: Clear.

Smallmouths: Hit or miss. Nathan Stuart said the smallmouths are biting really well one day, and they’re gone the next. But the bite should intensify as the water temps continue to cool. Nathan said to look for fish busting on top up shallow on the main-lake flats. Even if they go down, continue fishing where they were. The best bait has been a Lucky Craft Pointer 78 jerkbait, but a fluke will also catch fish. “Just throw the bait out there, and let it sit,” said Nathan. “Twitch it once, and let it sit. When it hits the water, they’ll know it’s there.”

Spotted Bass: Nathan said the spots are bunching up around deep-water brush and ledges in 20 to 30 feet of water. “If you can find deep brush, there’s gaggles of them,” he said. “But they’re all small.” Nathan suggested dropping a drop shot to them. Any small worm or minnow imitation will work. It doesn’t seem to matter what bait you use, as long as you get it in front of them, he said.

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