Clarks Hill Lake Fishing Reports – November 2023

GON Staff | October 25, 2023

Clarks Hill: Level: 5.8 feet below 330. Temp: Low 70s. Clarity: The main lake is clear, with some stain in backs of creeks after a heavy rain.

Bass: D.J. Hadden with Hadden Outdoors said that November is a big transition month. “Bait will be moving toward the backs of the creeks, and bass will be gorging on them, getting ready for winter,” D.J. said. “Go to the back third of creeks this time of year to start and work to the back. A Greenfish Tackle G Flat or Straydog will match the bait. Fish will also hit shad-colored DT06 and DT10 crankbaits, as well as spinnerbaits. Late in the month, bass will stack up in ditches on the lower lake, and when they do, there will be a good morning bite. A Damiki Vault, an underspin with a fluke and an Alabama rig will catch fish feeding on shad in the ditches.” For more on fishing gear and apparel at Hadden Outdoors, go to the Hadden Outdoors Facebook Page.

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