Clarks Hill Lake Fishing Reports – December 2023

GON Staff | November 30, 2023

Clarks Hill: Level: 7.5 feet below 330. Temp: Mid 60s. Clarity: Clear over most of the lake, with some stain in the creeks from the Thanksgiving week rain.

Bass: Jon Hair with Greenfish Tackle says to fish a Bad Little Dude Jig around rock or brush in 5 to 25 feet of water. Try greens and browns in clear water, and in stained water try blues and blacks. There are crankbait and spinnerbait bites on rocky points. Wind blowing in on them will help, as will low-light conditions, like early morning. Quickly reel a Bad Little Blade spinnerbait in white with silver blades for a reaction bite. Try bumping bottom on points with a crawfish- or herring-colored crankbait, too.

Bass: D.J. Hadden with Hadden Outdoors says some fish are moving into main-lake ditches, and there is already some baits in the backs of the ditches and creeks, so fish are scattered on the main lake at a depth of 40 feet all the way to a bank. Throw a spinnerbait or a red- or shad-colored G Flat crankbait around any cover on the bank and work a Damiki Vault in the backs of the ditches early. Follow the fish as the sun gets up, working deeper in the ditches. Spots and a few largemouth can be caught in brush 15 to 35 feet deep. A Damiki rig is going to be my go-to bait most of the winter. The Greenfish Little Shad rigged with a Zoom Fluke Jr. in pearl is hard to beat for this fishing.”

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