Clarks Hill Lake Fishing Report – September 2019

GON Staff | August 28, 2019

Clarks Hill: Level: 1.9 feet low. Temp: Upper 80s. Clarity: Fairly clear but stained in the rivers.

Bass:Tournament angler Josh Rockefeller reports, “The fish are starting to school up again, and you can find bass schooling on humps on the main lake. Throwing topwaters and flukes at fish busting or just fan casting across the humps will produce fish. Keep one eye on your electronics. When you see fish on the graph, drop a drop shot on their head, and they will usually bite. Pay attention to the bridges, too. Yearling herring will stack up on the shady sides of the bridges, and the fish will bust them, so throwing topwaters will produce fish in these areas. There is also a shallow buzzbait bite that can produce the more quality fish this time of year, but you got to lock it in your hand for just a few bites a day.”

Linesides: Guide Eddie Mason reports, “There have been some bites on Ben Parker spoons going on midday if you can take the heat long enough to stay out there and enjoy it. There has also been trolling going on with umbrella rigs, bucktails and Road Runners. Two oxygen lines are running, so most of the fishing is going on between Modoc and the dam. I’ve spent a lot of time fishing humps and points near the main river channel. We’re starting in about 40 feet of water in the morning around daybreak using downrods and live blueback herring. As the day gets hotter, we move to about 50 feet of water and stay close to the bottom. Until it cools off some, you still need to take plenty of bait. That hot water kills the bait fast.”

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