Clarks Hill Lake Fishing Report June 2017

GON Staff | June 1, 2017

Clarks Hill: Level: 7.1 feet low. Temp: High 70s. Clarity: Clear on main lake, muddy in the rivers and major creeks.

Bass: Tournament angler Kerry Partain reports, “There are a lot of big fish being caught right now, and this should continue for a few more weeks with the lake rising from the recent rains. There are several patterns working, and the bass are feeding as they continue to recover from the spawn. Early in the mornings, look for fish shallow on humps, points and shoals, and throw topwaters and Zoom Super Flukes. There are also some fish shallow feeding on bream as they begin their major spawn, so use buzzbaits, Pop-Rs, frogs and Zoom Trick Worms in the pockets.”

Linesides: Guide William Sasser reports, “We are just finishing up with the hybrids and stripers chasing the herring up very shallow in the mornings. They are beginning to stack up in nice groups in 20 to 25 feet of water. As the temperature rises, they will move deeper into 35 to 40 feet of water. The hybrids and stripers are holding off the sides of points and shoals along the main channel from the mid to lower lake and also out Georgia Little River near Cherokee. This time of year, we put away the planer boards and swap strictly to downlining live herring. This time of year, cut bait also works and produces some very nice-sized fish, but you just have to be very patient. The bite is coming at daybreak and lasting for a couple of hours and then shutting off until mid afternoon. When it starts back up, it’s really good.”

Crappie: Guide William Sasser reports, “The crappie are pushing deeper, stacking into brushpiles 15 to 20 feet deep. When they do this, it is very easy to catch a coolerfull by anchoring and dropping small shiners into the trees. This is one of the most fun times of year for fishing, no matter if you want stripers, hybrids, crappie, largemouth or catfish.”

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