Clarks Hill Lake Fishing Report – April 2022

Brad Gill | March 24, 2022

Clarks Hill: Level: 1.3 feet above 330. Temp: 58-64 degrees. Clarity: The river is dirty, the water mid-lake is stained, and the water down the lake is clear.

Bass: College tournament angler Daelyn Whaley reports, “Look for your shallow-water patterns to start heating up in the backs of the pockets. Start looking for spawning fish in the pockets, as well. Also look for the herring to start spawning toward the end of the month on the ends of the points and on the edge of the grass. For topwater, I like the Berkley Cane Walker and a fluke and a swimbait. I throw a spinnerbait when it’s windy. There was a decent wave of spawners a few  weeks ago, so there should be a great postspawn bite as soon as the herring start spawning. Confidence is key.”

Linesides: Capt. Eddie Mason reports, “We’ve been having to go with the flow lately and fish around some bad weather. We can fish in the rain pretty good, but unfortunately the high winds shut us down for a few days. On the days we could go, we stayed on the lower end most of the time between Modoc and over toward Fishing Village. I’ve been using freelines, planer boards and of course my downrods. When the surface level temperatures dropped from 60 back down to 54, it seemed like the downrods were working the best. I’ve been on the long running points and humps and catching them about 40 feet down. I’m still going out about daylight, but anyone who knows me knows when it starts getting hot, I’ll be out there way before the sun comes up.”

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