Clarks Hill Lake Fishing Report April 2016

GON Staff | March 30, 2016

Clarks Hill: Level: 0.5 feet below full pool. Temp: Mid 60s. Clarity: Slightly stained but clearing.

Bass: Guide Tony Shepherd reports, “The early warm up has skyrocketed the surface temperatures, and that means the spawn is in full swing, depending on where you are on the lake. All bed fishing techniques are in play. With all of the pollen floating on the water, try squirting some Ivory soap on the surface. It will clear the area of pollen. You can also catch some prespawn fish near the dam and postspawn fish well up the lake.”

Crappie: Tony reports, “The spawn is in full swing with the water temperature over 60 in most creeks. Throw corks with Southern Pro tubes in black and chartreuse. They will produce for the rest of this month. A majority of the female crappie have laid out, and most can be found in brush. Some late spawners can be found in deeper water 10 to 20 feet deep and caught trolling. Look for the brush bite to pick up the next few months.”

Linesides: Tony reports, “Stripers and hybrids are migrating to their traditional spawning locations. The location of blueback herring will dictate how deep or shallow these fish will be staging, but shallow shoals, island blow-throughs and shallow clay points will be primed for some super hot action in April. Freelined herring, along with a few artificial selections, such as flukes, swimbaits and topwater lures imitating a fleeing herring, will get your string stretched.” Guide William Sasser reports, “There is a really good downline bite for hybrids and stripers right at daybreak in approximately 20 to 25 feet of water off of long channel points. As the water warms up, they will begin to move deeper. After daybreak, the fish are scattering and on the move with planer boards and freelines becoming the more effective method. Pulling herring and gizzard shad at the mouths of the creeks and along secondary points will produce some really nice stripers. Majority of the fish are coming from mid-lake areas around Parksville and Dordon Creeks, with some also coming from out Georgia Little River in the Grays Creek area. Evening fishing at the lower dam is fantastic for some slab hybrids, with live herring and cutbait both working really well.”

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