Clarks Hill Fishing Reports – February 2021

GON Staff | January 29, 2021

Clarks Hill: Level: 2.4 feet below full. Temp: 45-52 degrees. Clarity: Mixture of clear to cloudy.

Bass: Tournament angler Josh Rockefeller reports, “The lake is fishing tough. On the lower end, focus on the ditches in the backs of the creeks in 3 to 5 feet of water. Throwing a Buckeye Lures Jiggin’ Blade is catching some decent fish. If you can find a little bit of brush in the ditches, the bass are holding tight to it, and the Blade will catch them. As you work back up the rivers and find some more stained water, throwing a red-craw-colored crankbait on rocky channel swing banks and points will get bites. As the month moves forward, expect to see fish start showing up close to the spawning areas in the backs of the creeks and large main-lake pockets.” Tournament angler Jon Hair reports, “Fishing is getting better. Fish are starting to pull up. Fish deep brush and rock with a jig. Also some fish are being caught cranking around shallow cover 5 to 8 feet deep. With warmer weather coming in, fish should move into prespawn areas.”

Linesides: Capt. Eddie Mason reports, “Right now I’m splitting my time between the lower end of the lake, putting in at Modoc or Darden Creek and Georgia Little River. Where the water is stained, we’re catching the fish suspended at 8 to 10 feet in water that’s 50 feet deep. In water that’s clear, I’m still in water that’s 50 feet deep, but we’re hugging the bottom or going to the bottom and coming up three cranks. I’m using downrods or freelines and trying to make sure I’m using live blueback herring.”

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