Clarks Hill Fishing Report – October 2022

GON Staff | September 29, 2022

Clarks Hill: Level: 3.5 feet below 330. Temp: 78-80 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Linesides: Capt. Eddie Mason reports, “I was fishing the mid-lake some, but now I’m mostly back on the lower end. Since it’s cooling off some, we’re going out a little later, around 6, but that early morning bite is still the one to go after. We have been trolling some Alabama rigs, but I still prefer downrods with live bait. I’m getting good bites about 20 feet deep in the creeks and river channels.”

Guide Bradd Sasser, of Sasser Fishing Charters, reports, “The hybrid and striper patterns are transitioning along with the lake. They are migrating away from the lower end of the lake and heading up the lake toward Soap Creek and S.C. Little River. They are also moving out the Georgia Little River branch up toward Cherokee. With things changing in the lake, the only consistency is inconsistency. The fish are moving fast. You may find them one day stacked up in a nice group and the next day they could be scattered and suspended along the edges of the main channels. The best bite has come fishing 20 to 25 feet deep off points on the bottom or suspended at the mouths of creeks. Using your electronics is very crucial right now. Find the schools of herring and the stripers will be close by. We are beginning to see small schools of fish breaking, and with the cooling temperatures, we should begin to see a lot more and bigger schools of fish.”

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