Clarks Hill Fishing Report – November 2006

GON Staff | October 24, 2006

Clarks Hill: Level: 8.9 feet below full pool. Temp: low 70s. Clairty: Clear

Bass: The bass fishing has fired up recently on Clarks Hill according to fishing guide William Sasser. “The bass are on the main-lake points and schooling,” he said. “Any topwater will catch fish — Gunfish, Spooks, Sammys, Creek Chubs.” You can find fish on top on nearly any main-lake point, he said.

Hybrids/Stripers: If you are throwing topwater on the points, you are likely to tie into stripers and hybrids, too. William said the fish are breaking all over the lake, but he has had good luck finding schools of fish from Keg Creek to Wildwood. Evenings are better than mornings for hybrids and stripers, he said, and a white fluke is a good bait to throw. For live-bait fishing, look for schools of hybrids about halfway back in the creeks over old timber.

Crappie: Excellent. William and his clients have had great luck fishing minnows 25 feet down over brush and trees in 40 feet of water. “We have been catching lots of fish in the 1 1/2-lb. range, and most trips we will have a fish in the 3-lb. range,” said William. He is fishing minnows on a split-shot rig with a No. 1 gold Aberdeen hook. “On the slow days I have been switching over to red hooks, and they seem to help,” he said.

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