Clarks Hill Fishing Report June 2014

GON Staff | May 28, 2014

Clarks Hill: Level: Down 0.6 feet below full pool. Temp: 71-80 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: William Hooker reports, “Sammy Landrum and I fished the Skeeter Challenge tournament out of Wildwood Park on Sunday, May 18, and we had 17.51 pounds for eighth place. There were 98 boats fishing. It was a rough day, windy at times and lots of rain on and off. We managed to catch our nine fish on flukes and Sammys. Next month the water should be in the low 80s, and fish should be moving deeper. The guys who fish C-rigs, etc. should be happy for the next three months as the water just get hotter and the schooling bass go deeper.”

Guide William Sasser reports, “The hybrids and stripers have been extremely shallow early in the morning with the herring spawning off of shallow points. With the herring spawn coming to an end in the near future, we are starting to see more and more fish grouped up in the 25-foot range. As the water warms even more in the upcoming weeks, you should expect the hybrids to dive down in the 35- 40-foot range and should start feeding more and more aggressive. When the heat of summer sets in, the best bite will come either early in the morning around daybreak and last until mid morning and also in the evenings around sunset. The middle of the day will be slow. The majority of our fishing has been downlining live herring on the bottom with us still pulling some planer boards, but before too much longer, we will be putting the planer poles up until fall, due to the hybrids and stripers being stacked in groups. There is not one area of the lake right now that is any better than the other. Fishing is really good all over the lake, with nice fish being caught up Georgia Little River and nice slab hybrids also being caught on the upper end around Fishing Creek and Soap Creek. It has just been a matter of finding where you want to fish at and being there at daybreak, and you should fill the cooler fairly quickly.”

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