Clarks Hill Fishing Report – February 2019

GON Staff | January 25, 2019

Clarks Hill: Level:2.4 feet below full pool. Temp: Low 50s. Clarity: More stain on the main Savannah Arm.

Bass: Tournament angler Josh Rockefeller reports, “The bass fishing is good on Clark Hill. The fish have moved into the ditches, and we are catching a lot of quality fish. We have been fishing the Buckeye Lures Jiggin’ Blade in the nickel color. Look for ditches that have deep water close by, such as ones that are right off the main creek channel. I have also been finding Clarks Hill bass on points leading into the ditches, and it helps to have some grass present. As always, looking for the birds is key this time of year and will help point out where some active fish may be around bait. That’s not always the case, but it helps eliminate water. Also, looking for some clearer water will help with the Blade bite. Right now the lake is stained mostly in the Savannah River arm, and it’s not good conditions for this style of fishing.”

Linesides: Capt. Eddie Mason reports, “About 80 percent of the lake is muddy or stained right now. Seems like when we get on fish in stained water, it’s about 40 feet deep, and then we catch the fish about 10 to 20 feet down. Then if the water is clear, we need to be in water that’s about 40 to 50 feet deep, and then go all the way to the bottom and come up about three turns. It seems like if I catch them in one place one day and go back to the same place again the next day, they’ve moved. It’s more of an all-day bite right now, but we’re having to keep relocating to find them. There’s been a lot of cold weather this month, but we’re still going after that hybrid and striper bite and getting them with downrods, planer boards and some freelines, too. We’re catching them in the mouths of creeks here on the lower end of the lake and around Little River. We’ve had some great groups out this month, and one of the best groups was on the 19th. Kyle Quill, from Williston, S.C., brought his three brothers-in-law with him. Adam Miller, Matthew Miller and Aaron Garber were all here from Ohio. We limited out on some good party fish around Modoc Shores and around Georgia Little River. Again, we were using downlines about 10 to 20 feet deep in about 36 feet of water.”

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