Clarks Hill Fishing Report – December 2006

GON Staff | November 22, 2006

Clarks Hill: Level: 8.1 feet below full. Temp: 60 degrees. Clarity: Very clear.

Bass: Great. Craig Johnson has been fishing spinnerbaits and crankbaits along shallow grass lines. “The key is to fish the small clumps of grass. Some of them are only like 15 feet by 15 feet. Also it has to have a defined edge. Grass is growing in five to 12 feet of water. I’m catching them from Lloyds Creek to Wells Creek,” said Craig. He’s rolling a 1/4-oz. Buckeye spinnerbait in white-ice. Small is important because small threadfin and bluegill are all that’s in there. In December, expect the bluebacks to move into shallow grass, and you can sling a bigger blade then. “We’re catching bigger fish paralleling the outside edges of the grass. Fish will be snugged up to that grass. I’m fishing a Little Earl in Triple G Finish. You want a bait that can dive six to eight feet,” said Craig. Look for the stickbait bite to materialize in December. Craig throws a TD Minnow in bone. Fish ditches with grass, and start chunking when the boat is in 18 feet of water. He’ll head to the backs of pockets and creeks throwing the jerkbait.

Stripers: Guide William Sasser said he’s limiting out every time he’s going fishing. “I’m downlining bluebacks in about 50 feet of water. I haven’t seen a schooling fish, and I’m fishing where they’re supposed to be,” said William. He’s concentrating on main-lake points in Little River (Georgia) between the bridge and Keg Creek. “We’re catching some good fish, too. They’re as small as three pounds and up to 12 pounds. We’re catching no hybrids at all. I think this pattern will hold. I think they’re so concentrated because the water is down.” Up at the tailrace below the Russell dam, guide Wendell Wilson has been having some great days for numbers. “We had a nice cloudy day last week, and we didn’t get a big fish but we caught 20 that went up to four pounds. Half were caught on live herring, and half were caught on artificials. They are coming up two or three at a time.” Wendell said the artificials they used were Lil’ Fishy swimbaits and Rapala X-Rap jerkbaits.

Crappie: Fair. William said overall numbers are pretty poor, but quality is incredible. “In three hours I may catch 20 crappie, but in the last 10 trips we had four that were over three pounds. Right now we’re catching fish 20 feet deep in 42 feet of water in brush,” said William. Look in the standing timber around Horseshoe Island. Also, try the corps’ fish attractors in this same area.

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