Clarks Hill Fishing Report – April 2021

GON Staff | April 1, 2021

Clarks Hill: Level: 0.5 feet above full pool. Temp: Low to mid 60s. Clarity: Mostly clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Jon Hair reports, “The fishing is getting better on the Hill. There are fish moving into spawn on the new and full moons. Fish pockets and secondary points with jigs, Creeper Heads, spinnerbaits and Carolina-rigged lizards. Congrats to Joey Bruyninckx on winning a new Nitro Z19 in the Big Bass Tour tournament. He weighed a giant 8.85-lb. bass caught on a 3/4-oz. Greenfish Tackle Creeper Head with a Zoom Speed Craw in 8 feet of water on a secondary point. Also, herring should start to spawn soon, so look out for fish schooling on shallow points and blow-throughs.”

Linesides: Guide Bradd Sasser reports, “The hybrids and stripers have been scattered all along the edges of the channel in mid- to lower-lake areas. Pulling planer boards and freelines have been the most productive methods. With the water temperatures warming up, they are beginning to push shallow up on points going through the spawning motions and also chasing the herring spawn. When they are pushed up shallow like this, you can fish a few different methods from downlines to casting toward the banks to pulling boards and even pulling the nose of the boat up on the bank and fishing shallow out the back. This will last a few weeks, and then they will begin stacking up on lower lake humps.”

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