Bartletts Ferry Fishing Report – September 2023

GON Staff | August 30, 2023

Bartletts Ferry: Level: 0.9 below 521. Temp: Low 80s up the river and mid 80s on the lake. Clarity: Clear to very clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Tyler Morgan with Summerland Outdoors reports that in a tournament you had better catch some good largemouth the first two hours; fishing gets very tough after the sun gets up. At first light, cast a white buzzbait or a walking bait over any hydrilla you find. There is a lot of it in the river this year. As the sun gets higher, try a green-pumpkin swim jig in the hydrilla to imitate bluegill. Your best bet with the sun high is to go up the river to cooler, moving water from the generation at the West Point dam. You can get the generation schedule by calling 706.645.2929. Remember, it takes the water about three hours to reach the Idlehour Ramp area from the West Point Dam. Pitch a wacky-rigged Senko to any shade, including main river docks. If the current is strong, a frog fished under overhanging brush will get a few big bites. To fill out a limit, get some spots to fry or just to have fun, fish the bluff banks from Halawakee Creek to Blanton Creek with a wacky-rigged Senko or a brown, 1/4-oz. jig. Cast it against the bank and slowly work it down the rocks. Be sure to fish it all the way to the bottom. Spots will stack up against the bottom of the bluff. Current will help this bite. Position your boat so you can work your lightly weighed bait at an angle with the current. Be aware. Bass know when the weekends arrive and fishing gets much tougher. Lack of current and heavy boat traffic means winning weights of around 9 pounds to win a Saturday tournament, but Tuesday nighters have taken 11, 17 and 14 pounds the middle three weeks of August. Early morning and late afternoon or night are your best bets. To visit the online fishing store Summerland Outdoors, go to

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