Bartletts Ferry Fishing Report November 2012

GON Staff | October 31, 2012

Bartletts Ferry: Level: 0.9 feet below full pool. Temp: Up the river it is 66 degrees, and down the lake in the pockets it is 70-72 degrees. Clarity: Very clear.

Bass: Pretty good for numbers, but big fish are tough to catch right now, according to tournament guru Dennis Hudson. “There’s been quite a few fish caught, but they’re running a little on the small side,” said Dennis. “This time of year, you can pretty much catch them on a little bit of everything. There’s a pretty good crankbait bite around the mouths of the pockets, and in the same areas you can throw a shaky head or Texas-rig and catch them.” Dennis said the water is very clear, so try a small square-billed crankbait in a shad color. “The water is clear as can be,” he said. “Some of the guys are seeing fish along the seawalls. Some good fish are just sitting there, but you can’t get them to bite anything. There’s still a little topwater and some jerkbait fish being caught, and a few are coming on hollow-body frogs. I understand there was a decent buzzbait bite going on for a little while. The crankbait bite should continue on through November and into the winter. Hopefully the jig bite will get started on docks, seawalls and blowdown trees. The bass should be moving up into the creeks.”

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