Bartletts Ferry Fishing Report November 2011

GON Staff | October 26, 2011

Bartletts Ferry: Level: 0.6 feet below full pool. Temp: Low to high 60s. Clarity: Clear to very light stain.

Bass: Adam Byrd reports, “Bass fishing can be great this month at Bartletts as long as you focus on the bait. This time of year the shad tend to move toward the backs of the creeks and coves, and the bass follow. I have been targeting these fish on Pop-Rs right at daylight with pretty good success. I’ve also caught them on other topwater lures including a Zara Spook, Lucky Craft Sammy, and even Strike King Bleeding Skirt buzzbaits. After the sun comes up, try switching to a square-bill crankbait fairly large in size. A KVD 2 1/2-inch in sexy shad works really well. This is what most of my big fish have been coming on. Throw your crankbaits around blowdowns and docks in the backs of coves to target these fish. Another way I have been picking up a few good fish is with a Spro K-Finesse black/blue jig. I prefer black and blue but have caught fish on watermelon and green pumpkin also. If things are really a struggle, you can always find a large number of spots schooled up on secondary points in the creeks and coves. Use a Zoom watermelon-candy shaky-head worm to target these fish. Another way to target the more lethargic fish this month is to try to find some stained to even muddy water, which a little rain can cause this time of year. Throw a 3/8-oz., white spinnerbait around any structure in the stained water.”

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