Bartletts Ferry Fishing Report May 2011

GON Staff | April 27, 2011

Bartletts Ferry: Level: Full pool. Temp: 66-71 degrees. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Good. Dennis Hudson said he was expecting his Saturday, April 16, tournament to be on fire, but the weather messed things up a bit. It took a little more than 15 pounds to win. The fish are up on the banks and in all stages of the spawn. The best tactic has been to fish shallow in the backs of the pockets, around seawalls and on the banks that slope off sharply into deeper water with some sort of soft plastic. Trick Worms, Senkos and lizards are all catching fish, both weightless and Texas rigged. Junebug has been the best color in the stained water. Dennis said the grass bite is getting ready to blow up, and you can catch them on about anything when they get up in the grass. On top, a buzz frog or a buzzbait is a good bait, and you can also fish swim jigs, spinnerbaits, flukes and Texas rigged and weightless soft plastics. “I just wish this lake had some more grass,” said Dennis. When the grass gets going, chances are there will be a few boats on every grass patch, and it’s just a matter of being there at the right time when the fish move in and start feeding. Dennis said some moving water helps. There have also been a few shad starting to spawn, and that bite should turn on strong in the next few weeks. Look for spawning shad on rip-rap, bridges and on seawalls that have rock. Try to match the hatch with a small crankbait or a spinnerbait. Dennis said another good pattern for postspawn fish is to throw a small prop bait or a Pop-R around bream beds.

Good. There were still some fish up shallow on the beds in mid to late April, but this month the fish should move out and stage around the floating docks. Dennis said throwing jigs around docks and fishing the bridges at night with lights will be the best tactics for catching crappie. Drowning minnows on brush should also catch some fish.

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